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Earlier that day


Marco frowned.

The 1955 Porsche Spyder was parked in front of his gate, his fiancée’s ex husband leaning against a rear fender.

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Wrapped in bathrobes, they sat at the dining room table with a bottle of wine and a wooden platter of freshly made crostini in front of them.

Marco told her that he had run into Kyle after the gym.

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He had only raised his voice to her once before, and that was a long, long time ago.

“I shouldn’t even dignify that question with an answer.  In fact, I shouldn’t even be entertaining this conversation, but we’ve spent too many years not talking about what’s going on between us.”

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The Harbour...Chapter 60: Insecurities

“Carolyn.”  Marco’s voice was soft as he stood over her.

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Carolyn shivered, though the evening air was still quite mild.

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The Harbour...Chapter 58: Need to Know

“Where do you find them?” Kyle asked, his mouth forcing itself into a smile as he pulled his fingers through his hair.

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Cassie reached for her friend, touching her arm and gently brushing a stray hair from her face.

“What is this really about?” She asked, looking deeply into her best friends eyes, so darkened with emotion that the pupils were indiscernible.

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The Harbour...Chapter 56: Friendships

Carolyn spun away from the door and moved toward the window that looked out onto the pool deck.

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The Harbour...Chapter 55: Seventeen Years

Elisabeth stood.

“Okay.  That’s it girls, we’re out of here.”  Ophelia said, resting a couple of shot glasses onto the coffee table.

Carolyn lept to her feet.

“What did you say to him?” She asked Marco, her tone accusing.

His smile faded.

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