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I’ve been pretty scarce around these parts recently and my creating and my storytelling are being terribly neglected.

It has been very busy at work and I got briefly side-tracked by a temporary addiction to Gardenscapes *hangs head in shame.*

Anyway…during all of that I made a huuuuuge decision to quit my very-visible and ridiculously time-consuming job after 15 years and walk away altogether from the industry in which I work (media).  I am returning to my first love, history…and in January I will take up the post as the museum curator in my little country.

I will for the first time in over a decade have a regular nine to five Monday to Friday job, with most public holidays off and will hopefully learn how to slow down and have a life again.  It also means I will have waaaay more time for my beloved TS2 simmies, creating and story-telling.

For those who are following me here on my Tumblr, I thank you for your patience and look forward to spending much more time with you in the New Year!

Earlier that day


Marco frowned.

The 1955 Porsche Spyder was parked in front of his gate, his fiancée’s ex husband leaning against a rear fender.

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Wrapped in bathrobes, they sat at the dining room table with a bottle of wine and a wooden platter of freshly made crostini in front of them.

Marco told her that he had run into Kyle after the gym.

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He had only raised his voice to her once before, and that was a long, long time ago.

“I shouldn’t even dignify that question with an answer.  In fact, I shouldn’t even be entertaining this conversation, but we’ve spent too many years not talking about what’s going on between us.”

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The Harbour...Chapter 60: Insecurities

“Carolyn.”  Marco’s voice was soft as he stood over her.

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Carolyn shivered, though the evening air was still quite mild.

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The Harbour...Chapter 58: Need to Know

“Where do you find them?” Kyle asked, his mouth forcing itself into a smile as he pulled his fingers through his hair.

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Cassie reached for her friend, touching her arm and gently brushing a stray hair from her face.

“What is this really about?” She asked, looking deeply into her best friends eyes, so darkened with emotion that the pupils were indiscernible.

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The Harbour...Chapter 56: Friendships

Carolyn spun away from the door and moved toward the window that looked out onto the pool deck.

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