Life and Times in Christophe Harbour

The Christophe Harbour Follies

1 February
Howdie. My name is Toni. I've been playing The Sims 2 since a week after it was released in September 2004 (prior to which I played the Sims and Sim City). In my early TS2 days I spent a lot of time at MTS where I got to know Eric, the creator of the great god-mod, inSimenator. I later followed him and his wife to their site where I became a tester for inSimenator and later inTEENinator and also for a lot of Squinge's mods.

Back in 2010, I started to share the tale of the goings ons in my neighbourhood Christophe Harbour (unabashedly inspired by the exotic city of New Orleans), at a wonderful little site I now contribute to called Sugah's Place. I also eventually began sharing sims and lots, and recently started experimenting with basic recolouring.

I also became a tester (I still test the updates) for two of the best mods ever! Aaroneous' Sim Manipulator which is a pared down, lean, clean, mean inSIM-type mod, plus some, and his Memory Manipulator which lets you create and delete memories in game!!! I KNOW!!!! They rock!

Along the way I met and married a fellow simmer who moved from Australia to the Caribbean, where we live with our three kitties.

I work an insanely time consuming full time job. My sims are my escape. Thank goodness I'm married to a simmer who is as enthusiatic as I am about the game! lol!

My avi is of my sim self, younger and with waaay better hair than RL me.